Let Me Dance With It In Freedom !

(The irony of preserving Tibetan tradition and culture by imposing it on Tibetan women!)

By Yeshi Dolkar

I love my Chupa¹;
Its elegance, dignity, comfort.
A wise wear for the cold of Lhasa² or Dhasa³.
I love my Chupa;
Pray! Let me cherish it
Wherever, whenever;
Let me dance with it in freedom!

Do not impose it on me;
For then it’s a noose –constricting!
A shackle- restricting!
A prison – stifling!
Pray! Do not make my Chupa
A shroud of oppression;
Let me dance with it in freedom!

Let me soar with it, free like a bird
High, high into the sky;
Let me dive with it, free like a fish
Deep, deep, into the sea;
Let me run with it, free like a horse
Far, far, across the moor;
But pray! Do not bind me with it!
Let me dance with it in freedom!

  • The traditional dress worn by Tibetan women
  • The capital city of Tibet
  • The short form of Dharamsala – a small town in Northern India where His Holiness the Dalai Lama is seated in exile

Author Bio: Yeshi Dolkar graduated from the Tibetan Children’s Village (TCV) school in Dharamsala, India and later obtained a college degree in Education. After working as an English and Economics teacher at TCV for 30 years, she later joined the Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education in Bangalore (an undertaking of TCV organization). She has been working as a lecturer there for the past five years training primary school teachers in English as a foreign language.

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