Tibet Women's Soccer (TWS)

We the players of Tibet Women’s Soccer are writing this letter because we are not getting the support we need from TNSA. TNSA is trying to block women’s football from achieving its goals. We don’t mean to say that TNSA is wrong, but honestly, if they stop supporting us, we won’t give up and won’t stop progressing in our field. As some TNSA members have said, football is not important for girls, and all we care about is fashion. We don’t think so. It is said that there is equality between the genders. Boys are given so much opportunity to play soccer, so why not give the girls equal chance? We have the talent, and we can do it.

We are writing this letter just because we need to clarify that we can do it, and please no one try to stop us. We are not deliberately pointing to TNSA, but please no one try to stop us. Only support us. Because this is what we want.

Being members of Tibet Women’s Soccer has given us so much benefit, as seen in the following points made by our players:

  • We are often building our confidence
  • We have the opportunity to share our culture with Indian, Manipuri and soon with Western countries.
  • We seem to be getting more support from western country than from our own Tibetan people.
  • Through TWF we are communicating to the world about our bright and talented Tibetan women.
  • We are learning behaviors and are understanding each other, meeting many new faces, and standing together as Tibetan women.
  • Through TWF we can spread our culture and political situation to the world.
  • Our future goal is to stand together shoulder-to-shoulder, making history in this world by showing there exists Tibet Women’s Soccer.

As we know boys and men play soccer, and they organize every year GCMGC, why can’t we have like this for girls? We want to raise our women’s empowerment, so we can stand the same as boys do.

We are proud to say that we have so many future goals, and we can do it all and succeed together. We are proud to be Tibet Women’s Soccer. Actually we are quickly reaching our goals. Everyone should help us and cheer for us, and don’t try to block.

We want TNSA to support Tibet Women’s Soccer in its goals, and not try to slow or block us. And we want the innocent girls in all schools to play football as the boys do in equal.

From CTA exile government we want you to support and value our Tibet Women’s Soccer and to stand for women’s empowerment in all forms, not only in speech but in action. Please tell the schools to support the girls soccer and allow the full participation.

From the Tibetan public we need you to support us and trust that we can do it, the same way that the boys do. We need the most support from our own people of our same nationality. Please follow our team and give support in every way that you can. We promise we will continue to improve and make you all proud of us.

Thank you and we pray that you all will support us and that we will rise to your expectation.



Players of Tibet Women’s Soccer

Tenzin Yangzom; Dhasa
Sherab Dolma; Utsang
Phuntsok Dolma; Kham
Lhamo Choekyi; Dhasa
Yandan Lhamo; Kham
Tenzin Dhekyong; Clementown
Tenzin Chozom; Maio
Ngawang Oetso; Clementown
Tashi Dolma; Utsang
Tenzin Dasel; Dhasa
Tenzin Youdon; Clementown
Sonam Palyang; Kham
Tenzin Tsentso; Dolanji
Tenzin Norzom; Kullu
Tsering Lhamo; Dickiling

Letter republished from Facebook with author’s permission. To learn more about Tibet Women’s Soccer, visit their website and read about them on our news blog

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