Darkness in Moonlight

By Tenzin Seldon

As night fell; she was awakened,
From the violent sleep for,
Another violent night,
And dressed herself in dazzling clothes,

Out she went with her cell phone,
Into the deep alleys of hope,
The phone was ringing again and again,
“Hello, how much?” she muttered,

She hung up and sat desperately,
Hovering over something; and sweating out the fear,
Again the phone rang, “Hello, how much? Okay… where?”

A spark of satisfaction roused over her face,
It was the bitches and the dogs filling the silence of the night,
Whereas she was trying to fill her pocket with some dimes,
She ran across; and reached her saviour,
Who looked as the hunger of lust had struck him for centuries,

While it was all acts of pushing and pulling,
Sweating themselves out; not even seeing,
The faces of one other; during the course,
Doing business because there is no love in it,

She grabbed the money he pulled out of his pocket,
It was still not yet over for her; her phone kept ringing,
And she kept fixing the time, place, price,
For God knows – what’s happening in some people’s lives,

The moon kept wailing for the gloomy life she lives,
She looked up and shook the moon with a smile,
Ripped from the inside, yet managing to make a curve on her face,
And even the moon chose to shine brighter, be it harsh weather or mild,

Off she went to another man; not out of choice,
But out of no choice; her life goes on,
Brave is she! Yet sad it is! Nights have been dark,
For some, and brighter for some for sure!

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