Feminism for Me

By Yeshi Dolkar

When Dolma was born,

Her father shook his head in despair;

Her relatives heaved a long, deep sigh;

Her neighbors rolled their eyes and spat:

“Oh! My! My! Yet another *‘cleft’!”

She grew up beautiful, robust and strong,

With vim and vigor unheard of for long,

“She’s my unborn son” was her mother’s song.

But the folks around eyed her with disdain,

“She’s too masculine to be a dame!”

And in no time was she a woman tall;

Assertive, competent, and above all,

A woman, most brave of us all.

But the folks around never stopped to groan,

“She might as well go back home!”

Now she’s a doting mother of three;

Raising her kids and letting them be;

Making a home that’s hate-free.

But the self-proclaimed feminists scornfully say:

“She needs to stand up to have her way!”

This is the heartbreaking story of a woman;

Damned for being born!

Damned for being manly!

Damned for being womanly!

For heaven’s sake – let her be!

This is what feminism means to me!

*(Tibetan: ‘Shobto’) A derogatory name for a woman, referring to the vagina

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