“My Secret” Series: Unveiling Ugly Truths of Some Executives of A Women’s NGO

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  • Don’t blow your own trumpet, It’s annoying.
  • There’s something good in everyone. Don’t get blinded by negative thoughts.
  • Learn to compliment someone even if you are insecure about yourself.
  • Power struggle, I always witness among you all, it’s ugly.
  • Few of you complain that you don’t get respect from the staffs, you have to earn that respect you crave.
  • The constant backbiting and ugly quarrels you all love to do in the office is a very negative vibe for us.
  • Silence is the best solution sometimes, don’t confuse it with arrogance.
  • Action speaks louder than words, so act more and speak less.
  • Don’t put all the blame on others, you know it’s your fault too.
  • For god’s sake, Don’t be fake with that fake smile.
  • Women’s Empowerment, you carry on your lips, ironically it’s not happening in our workplace. SO SAD.
  • Don’t be biased. Favouritism exists (you give more chances to those who help you blow your own trumpet)
  • Accept that each individual differs in opinion.
  • I will take the blame if it is my fault but not if it is your negative assumption.
  • When some of us appreciate young aspiring women leaders in our community, why some of you come up with bad remarks, which clearly shows your insecurities.
  • Are you all a role model to the younger women?

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