TFC’s official statement in support of body positivity

Photo credit: Yeshi Lama
Photo credit: Yeshi Lama

We at TFC are aware that young women across the diaspora are constantly being exposed to the oversaturation of unrealistic and impossible female beauty standards. We have previously published posts on the struggles for self-love and body-positivity that young Tibetan girls have endured from childhood well into adulthood. This is why we have always taken a stand against any and all forms of body-shaming, fat-shaming, and slut-shaming that perpetuates rape culture and misogyny on both casual and institutional levels.

As such, we want to encourage everyone on all levels of the gender/sexuality spectrum to love their bodies and take pride in Tibetan culture. We hope this will inspire all women to stop shaming and bullying each other, and instead uplift and empower one another. Because every body is ‘chupa ready.’

To participate in this body-positive call to action photo campaign, please share and tag us in your social media with any/all of the following hashtags:

#bodypositivity  #nospaceforhate #chupaready

We also encourage you to share your stories about self-love and body positivity in diaspora so that we can grow and heal together as a collective.

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