To Tibetan Trump Supporters: Why Donald Trump is #NotMyPresident

We need to collect our Tibetan friends and families. I’ve seen too many Tibetans declaring their support for Trump and I’m wondering why. We’re immigrants, we’re PoC, we’re women and yet you want to identify with a man who’s called for a ban on Muslims, who’s degraded women to be nothing more than objects to please him, and a man who has said that “laziness is a trait in blacks.” It’s painful to concede that our community is conservative to the extent of agreeing with Trump. We’re islamophobic, we’re anti-black af and I can attest to that through countless conversations with Pala and Amala. We’re also extremely narrow-minded in how we think about women. My own Pala told me that women belong in the kitchen because we’re “naturally born with that skill.”

I’ve been telling white folks that they need to collect their people (you really need to) (really). And I’m realizing through talks with Pala and Amala and seeing all these Tibetan Trump supporters that we Tibetans need to collect our community. Amala literally laughed in my face right now as I told her about black folks being told that they need to go back to Africa at gunpoint, and of Muslims across the country having their hijabs ripped off their heads. She told me not to be too serious and to not bring politics into this household. Well fuck, you have a political Tibetan American child and I will bring all hell into this house until you give black, brown, Muslim, queer, trans, indigenous, immigrant, disabled folks the dignity of their humanity and the recognition of their oppression.

(Major side eye to all these Tibetan Trump supporters who’re all “Free Tibet,” “we’re so oppressed” and yet support the oppression of so many marginalized folks. LIBERATION IS COLLECTIVE. TIBETANS WON’T BE FREE UNTIL EVERYONE ELSE IS FREE. Our movement is nothing if it does not also work to make sure Black Lives Matter, if we don’t fight systemic Islamophobia, if we aren’t here for Palestinians, Oromos, Dalits, oppressed peoples everywhere.)

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