Consume All

By Kunsang Palmo Intrigued, they come into our homes. Their faces plastered with a smile. A show of good will, unfortunately. A camera ready in hand at all times. Excited by our refugee-ness. Moved by our simple ways. I laugh […]

Lonely are the Brave

  A few days ago, Tibetan exile media organizations carried reports of the sentencing of Shok-jang to three years in prison. Shok-jang was arrested on 16 March 2015, a few days after the 56th anniversary of the 10 March Tibetan […]

Poem – Untitled

By Kaysang it feels like the scariest, dirtiest, most scandalous words i could utter these days is to say, “i am a feminist”. is that a smirk, a disdainful scoff, a dismissive wave of your hands brushing off equality of […]

A Feminist Mantra

By Kunsang Palmo Speak bitch. Stand bitch. Fuck bitch. Win bitch. Boss bitch. Be the bitch you were supposed to be and not the bitch you were told to be. Not some shoe-licking bitch. Not some sandwich-making bitch. Not some […]


By Tenzin Chokki all I want to do is fly high up in the sky farther than my own spirit’s limit even when that means I die having broken wings because in the end, I know that I have lived. […]