One of the greatest dreams of a pet owner is to have their pets happily roaming in their lawn. However, achieving this takes more thought than simply sending out your pets on the lawn and hoping for the best.

You’ve got to take your time to ensure your lawn offers your pets with the things that do not hurt them. Luckily, by hiring residential or commercial landscaping contractors, you can keep your lawn safe for pets.

Preventing Pets from Damaging Your Lawn

  • Keep The Grass Short

Dogs and cats like to dig up the turf or nibble on grass. Thus, you’ve got to ensure you keep it short to deter this action.

  • Clean Up After Your Pets Right Away

The residue that’s left behind can damage the lawn if you do not clean up after your dog each day. Areas of bright green grass might appear and grow rapidly compared to the other areas. Hose down the area to wash away urine and dilute it after getting rid of the solid waste.

  • Offer Your Pet a Cool Area to Chill

To stay cool, dogs love to dig holes in the dirt. On hot days, they can be comfortable if they lay on the cool ground. That’s why it is ideal to offer them some shade or make them a bed on your patio to help them stay cool without digging up your lawn.

  • Create a Dog Run

Have an area in your lawn where your dog can do whatever it wants. This offers them their own area to take naps, exercise, do their business, and much more.

Is Lawn Treatment Safe for Pets?

Lawn chemicals can greatly differ in their pet safety. This is according to vets. A couple of products are possibly deadly and others can only cause mild stomach ache. Thus, it is vital to understand what you are dealing with. Though fertilizers are usually harmless to dogs and cats, the issue is that a lot of homeowners add insecticides. This can cause issues for pets. Fortunately, almost every insecticide manufacturer has become more aware of pets and now we’ve got safer pest control products. You’ve got to ensure you keep off your pets from the lawn until the product has been allowed to dry or watered.

Are Lawn Fertilizers Safe for Your Dog and Cat?

In terms of pet safety, almost every fertilizer is quite benign in general. This is according to vets. The truth is that almost every lawn fertilizer contains natural elements, such as phosphorus, potash, and nitrogen that are non-toxic in general. It rarely leads to severe poisoning if your cat or dog eats grass right after fertilizer was applied. But, health issues ranging from seizures and tremors to gastrointestinal distress can occur if your dog gets into the bag of fertilizer and beings to directly eat it. Thus, you’ve got to ensure you keep away fertilizer products from your pets. Professionals suggest that you’ve got to water the product of the leaves when you fertilize as part of your lawn maintenance routine.